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RC Video Helicopter

RC Video Helicopter

This RC Video Helicopter isn't just for flying—with remote control in hand, they'll take their own "spy mission" video/digital photos from the nose of the copter! Flying action and footage-taking are fully controlled from as far as 26-32 feet away. Thanks to blinking LED…


2.0 star

Remote Control...

Remote Control Helicopter

…he'll love the fact that this Remote Control Helicopter comes in a case with his name on it! It flies, swoops, hovers and spins at his command, and when he's done playing, he can show it off in the personalized aluminum case. Helicopter (6" l x 5" w x 4" h) has…


Glow In The Dark...

Glow In The Dark Helicopter

…Dark Helicopter! This great indoor flyer is an awesome sight as it swoops around in the dark. Of course, it flies during the day, too. The auto-balance and adjustable speed control makes for stable flying, and the toggle controls let you move it up, down, forward and backward. Helicopter has a…


5.0 star

RC Helicopter Bubble...

RC Helicopter Bubble Blower

…3.5-channel infrared remote control is effective up to 32-ft. Remote requires 6 AA batteries (not included). Includes 1.4-oz. bubble water with dropper for refilling and USB charging cable. Helicopter is 7 1/2" w x 4 1/2" h x 7 1/2" d. Ages 14 and up. Indoor use recommended.


RC Water Shooting...

RC Water Shooting Helicopter

…And don't worry if you happen to "crash land" —it has the toughness to get right back in the air. Infrared controller. Helicopter has a built-in rechargeable battery; remote uses 6 AA batteries (not included). Indoor use recommended. 7 1/2" l x 7 1/2"…




Two times the fun! This remote control helicopter not only soars in the air, but it also can be driven on smooth terrain. With its body shape like a rocket ship out of an old science-fiction movie, it can be lifted skyward by the four black and white rotor blades or powered on land by the fan…


3.0 star